I’m Connor Home, a front-end developer and digital designer. Whilst studying New Media (BA) at the University of Leeds I was introduced to a wide range of disciplines and technologies which I have since refined and developed whilst working in the industry. As such I have a broad skillset which ranges from front-end development and interface design to CMS integration & motion graphics.

I have worked on a breadth of digital work for a variety of clients ranging from an ultra-accessible Drupal site for the Equality & Human Rights Commission to a minimal, refined and award-winning blog for Only.

I generally work from my home in Stockport but I’m more than happy to travel for work.

In my spare time I like to keep as active as possible. I’ll often be playing somewhere across the midfield for my Sunday League football team, slicing my driver at the golf course or taking the family whippet Meg for a run. I’m an avid music listener and my Spotify streams most hours of the day (see the homepage for what I’ve been listening to most recently).


If you’d like to enquire about my freelance availability or just want a chat about a project please feel free to email me at

Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Thanks for visiting.