I was commissioned by Numiko to overhaul the front-end of 4Music’s tired looking website. Having been built from scratch only a year earlier by a different agency it was surprising how dated the site looked and how out-of-shape the front-end codebase was. The site also wasn’t responsive, instead relying on a couple of poorly optimised breakpoints and ignoring the need for hi-res assets for modern mobile devices. Considering the target audience of those in their early teens who browse on mobile devices more than most, this was a huge oversight. The result was a less than optimal experience on all devices.

Numiko designed the new site, so I worked alongside one of their in-house back-end developers over the course of 2 months until delivery. The site was built in Drupal, as such a large part of the job was constructing templates which tied in with the work the back-end dev was delivering as well as styling the output of these templates.

The most challenging aspect to this project was building the responsive grid layout which changes on virtually every top-level page (a lot of :nth-child nightmares). Another challenge was accommodating the various external sources that are pulled into the site. This ranges from embedded content (Tweets, Youtube videos, Instagram photos, Storify posts etc.) to the plethora of adverts that are scattered around the site. Each separate source brings with it many code quirks which needed to be ironed out to prevent embedded content from standing out like a sore thumb alongside the rest of the site.

The result of this work is a fun, responsive and audience appropriate site which now stands up there with the best of Channel 4’s websites.