Craft Recruitment Agency

I was commissioned to build Craft a new website that would help promote their distinctive brand and bespoke approach to recruitment as well as showcasing the latest and greatest jobs in Yorkshire and the surrounding area. The site needed to be responsive, scalable and easy to use – both for users and for the site administrators who would regularly be adding new jobs and monitoring applications made via the site.

The site was built in Drupal, an open-source CMS used by the likes of The Economist, Royal Mail and BBC Good Food to power their websites. Using Drupal allowed a good amount of front-end flexibility whilst also being able to work with powerful and throughly tested modules such as Views for displaying customised lists, Display Suite for organising the front-end output and Webforms for allowing job submissions, submission management and automated email responses.

I couldn’t be happier with the new Craft website. The final product truly differentiates us from others in the market and is a genuine asset to our business moving forward.

– Dan Crowder, Founder

The branding and site design relies heavily on a large selection of shapes and a palette of three colours that randomise on page load. A clever SASS function combined with careful file management and naming conventions ensure that the front-end code for dealing with this challenge is precise and manageable. The site is fully responsive too, with SVG’s being used throughout (with PNG fallbacks for those older browsers that nobody should be using) meaning that the site looks nice and crispy on any device you can throw at it.

Browsing jobs is made easy with a full screen overlay displaying four distinct job categories, with further filtering available to whittle jobs down by contract type and salary. Users can apply for jobs directly from the job page which streamlines the user experience, negating the need to open an email application. The site administrator has full control over automated emails that are sent once applicants have applied.