Equality & Human Rights Commission

Undertaken whilst working at Numiko, I was responsible for all of the front-end work. I worked simultaneously with a back-end developer on this Drupal site, linking the back and front-end using the Display Suite module. The build required a huge amount of planning as the EHRC wanted to migrate all of their old content (over 4000 pages worth) to the new site. The front-end had to be incredibly flexible in order to accommodate the huge variations in page content.


A build requirement was that the site had to meet Level AA Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 set by the W3C. Over the months that the site was built, an external accessibility company (Nomensa) completed audits of the site and fed back improvements. I was able to iteratively improve the build based on their audits. Extended exposure to this high level of accessibility audit has vastly improved the quality of my markup and understanding of accessibility concerns.

The site is not responsive as this was not a client requirement, but once the viewport width hits 480px wide the site does switch to a mobile layout.